She Shed, He Shed or Pub Shed Trend – Which one to Choose?

Backyard Garden Shed

Your backyard is one of the most dynamic areas of your property as it can go through multiple iterations and renovations. While the kids are small, it’s a play area for them. As they get older, you replace the toys with trampoline, swings and bicycles. And once they move out of the house, it’s totally your place to enjoy the outdoor space and convert it either into a spa, a craftsman place, a gardening area, a bar shed or any other personal backyard private place to snuggle and relax.

Apart from the masculine hideaways; the ever popular man caves, the next trend in gender specific sanctuaries are the She Sheds, He Sheds; being converted into a quiet refuge for women or men where they can take to their independent hobbies or alternatively turned into drinking establishments or bars known as the Pub sheds indicating that the shed’s owner prioritizes leisure over chores and hobbies. Just like the She Shed or He Shed, a Pub Shed is simply the owner’s garden shed or some other structure built in the backyard that is turned into a “garden pub”, hence called the Bar Shed or Pub Shed.

It’s totally up to the owner’s desire to convert their garden into the either category. Let’s throw some light on some of the differences between the specific types of sheds.

Shed Specific Layout

Although She Sheds, He Sheds or Pub Sheds do not differ much in their basic construction. They require a small space with a wooden hut or cottage like establishment, windows, an entrance door and a porch. However, a Shed to pub renovation requires a relatively smaller setup on the inside; a few benches, some mirrors, a center grille and decorative steins are all that it takes to transform your little backyard shed into a cozy pub haven.

On the contrary, a She Shed may require more than just the basic components for an ideal transformation into an escape hideaway. Most importantly, the purpose of the She Shed defines the extent to which it requires transformation or renovation. The purpose of a she shed, could be two fold. So creating your very own she shed, is more related to the Man Cave concept in that settling on a theme concept is the best place to start. If you’re looking for your own He Shed, then look at it as a detached Man Cave, located in a backyard shed.

The Purpose of a She Shed, He Shed or Pub Shed

The secret to transforming any shed into a personal reprieve i.e. a She Shed totally depends on the role you attach to it. If its serenity you ask for, you don’t need to go for extensive renovations. decorative shades, a cozy couch and soothing lights will do the trick. However, if it’s the kind of hobby that demands work space, sitting area, storage along with necessary touches to make it more comfortable, then it surely requires elaborated effort. On the other hand, Pub sheds have a defined role and the extent to which you want to renovate them depends on your desires and leisure priorities.

Room for customization

She Sheds are far from the only structures that are created out of simple backyard sheds. Most of them are designed as well as renovated by the owners that allows them to go for extensive specific customization based on their favorite themes; girly, Disney, cow girl, queen of the castle, country cottage and much more. Or in case of a He Shed customization, the favorite themes would be sports, hunting, bar, local team etc.

A Pub Shed being a theme itself allows the owner to either stick to the traditional pub or go beyond their imagination and give a whole new meaning to their personal Bar Shed.

Importance of shed dimensions

Shed dimensions is important for the She Sheds, He Sheds and Pub Sheds. For each specific shed, the depth and width don’t matter as much as the height of the shed. It’s best to make sure that the ‘hobbyist’ in case of the She Shed or the ‘bartender’ in case of the He Shed or Pub Shed – which is basically yourself – is actually able to stand inside it. A shed is not worth your efforts if it doesn’t provide basic standing comfort. It is important to renovate it according to the standard height and its best if it already has room for moving around otherwise you can think of making it more comfortable by altering its basic structure prior to decor.

Interior and Exterior Decor requirements

Whether your personal sanctuary is carved out for pottery wheels, potting, painting or simply for taking an afternoon nap, She Sheds have a lot of feminine elements attached to them. While the He Shed, would be more masculine, in it’s decor elements. Although the extent of decor depens on the owner’s personal choices, hobbies and priorities – it is more of giving a homelike touch to your small space. From being traditionally classic to giving a modern crisp look, it requires a perfectly well thought and well sorted decor that matches your requirements from working and comfort point of view. On the contrary, for a basic Pub Shed, all you need to do is, throw open the door, add bar stools and a few bottles and your backyard pub is pretty much open for business!

Personal freedom – What happens in the Shed!

A She Shed being an alliterative way of a lady retreat is much more than a detached building in your backyard. It’s an escape haven and a stress reducer to bring you back in shape both emotionally and physically. A woman can pursue whatever she fancies. From blogging, knitting, napping to drinking, it’s totally her call. The Bar Shed is your very own private pub where the best part is getting to pick what is served by yourself – If you still don’t understand the freedom of have your very own pub shed, then checkout this garden shed to pub shed transformation. Your favorite is never out of stock and is always available. That makes the whole concept of the Pub Shed very much non-negotiable.

Guests or no guests?

While She Sheds are getaways that are primarily built to the owner’s vision who is a WOMAN, some of the builders have done a thorough job of creating the kind of space that allows guests to lounge as well; even men & children to spend time for a short while and in some cases pay to stay in them.

A Pub Shed having one fixed role defined to it is an excellent hang-out choice for men but don’t make much of a comfortable stay-in guest room especially with children.

The bottom line

She Sheds, He Sheds or Pub Sheds; the idea has definitely put a different spin on making the most out of your backyard garden shed! With a wide array of different options, this is without an ounce of doubt, one of the least daunting DIY home projects you will come across and to top it off, you bound to enjoy every minute of doing it.

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