The 10 Best Unique Firefighter Gifts You Can Give

Choosing a gift for someone can be a difficult decision to make for many different reasons. When giving a gift, you want to be sure that it is something the recipient will enjoy for a long time to come. While this article may not help you choose a gift for just anyone, it will provide some helpful ideas for choosing a firefighter gift for the firefighter in your life. Ranging from personalized photography to firefighting-themed mugs and DIY options, you’re bound to find some inspiration for firefighter gifts below.

Firefighter Gift Posters

History of the American Firefighter

There are tons of different options for firefighter posters, which makes this an excellent firefighter gift because you can choose one that fits the personality of the person you are buying for. Some will show firefighters in action, firefighting equipment, or more abstract pieces such as an ax incorporated into the American flag. This popular History of the American Firefighter poster shows the history of firefighting uniforms and equipment, such as the fire truck and fire alarm. Posters and other pieces of artwork can be displayed throughout the home, showing off the gift you have chosen and bringing enjoyment to the recipient and visitors.

Personalized Firefighter Alphabet Photography

Firefighter Alphabet Photography

Alphabet photography can be personalized for anyone, making it a great gift for firefighters. You can choose different frame layouts, colors, individual photos, and words.  For a personalized firefighter alphabet art, you could choose a double mat and customize it in red and black or red and yellow. In terms of the photos, choose a theme that will fit with the recipient’s personality, hobbies, or interests, or you can match the photos to the design of a room. The customization aspect, is what makes alphabet photography so popular. Another great option is to leave a 4×6 photo opening so that you can add a personal photo to your design. Personalized firefighter gifts are often the best kind because they show the thought that was put into the gift and add something extra to a generic gift.

Firefighter Necklace, Wristband, or Dog Tags

Firefighter Necklace

With so many unique options for size and styles of necklaces and wristbands, this firefighter gift can be suited to fit anyone. Some will have words such as “Courage” and “Honor,” while others show the popular firefighter symbol that depicts the fire rescue cross, helmet, ladder, and other tools used by firefighters. This is also a great gift even if you choose to have the piece of jewelry engraved with something else not having to do with firefighting, such as their name, the year the gift is given and a message to them. Of course, some people do not like jewelry, but those who do are sure to enjoy a personalized piece that was made just for them.

Personal Firefighter Photo Collage

Firefighter Photo Collage

Many stores sell standard photo frames that hold multiple photos or a multi photo plastic collages,  that you can place personal photos in. While this is a gift that you could give to anyone, to personalize it for a firefighter gift, you could add photos of the recipient with their fellow firefighters and friends, in uniform, with some family photos mixed in. There are also programs (usually offered by places that print photos) that will help you create a photo collage to be printed on one sheet of photo paper. This can then be placed in a single frame. Photo collages can be displayed throughout the home and add a sentimental touch to the gift you are giving.

Firefighter Can Cooler or Coffee Mug

Firefighter Can Cooler

Can coolers and mugs can range anywhere from funny to sentimental, which gives you plenty of variety to choose the perfect firefighter gift. One such option is a can cooler that is created from used and retired firefighter hose. The colors vary, including red, white, and yellow, and each cooler has special marks including a crossed ax graphic that make them unique. Another option for someone who appreciates humor, includes a mug that has a funny image, joke, or pun that is related to firefighting. Many people love a good joke, but just be sure to choose a type of humor that the recipient will enjoy (and not be offended by). Can coolers are a good gift for the person who enjoys cold beverages, such as soda or beer, whereas mugs are great for a coffee drinker.

Firefighter Metal Signs

Firefighter Metal Signs

These metal signs are similar to posters and other firefighter art but they are more durable and can offer more detailed depictions of badges, shields, the firefighter symbol, and other images. Some will show firefighters in uniform with inscriptions. There are many, like the “First In Last Out” sign which will depicts all of the symbolism of being a firefighter. If the firefighter happens to be your father, there are some options that would make a great gift for dad (specifically, one that says something along the lines of “Father, Friend, Firefighter”). Still others include firefighter parking signs. These firefighter gifts will last a long time, bringing enjoyment to the recipient for just as long. They can also be displayed in places such as a home office, a garage, or outside the home (in the case of parking signs).

Diecast Fire Truck Models

Diecast Fire Truck Models

Replicas and models of fire trucks are amazingly detailed display pieces that are the perfect gift for firefighters. There are many different versions of fire truck replicas. Depending on which fire department the recipient works for, you may be able to find a model that is personalized for that specific department or customize one that will have the name of the fire department on the replica. Other versions include vintage fire trucks, memorials, and display cases that will protect the replica with a nameplate stating the department and truck. These replicas and models are great for the hobbyist firefighter (however, that’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed by anyone) and can be displayed in glass cabinets or on shelves for visitors to enjoy along with the recipient.

Firefighter-themed Tees

Firefighter-themed Tees

Firefighter Tee shirts come in all different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes so they can be bought for just about anyone. The variety of firefighter-themed designs makes it easier to match the shirt with the personality of the recipient. A lot of the firefighter designs are of a detail graphics variety, and include fun sayings, such as “Once a Firefighter always a firefighter” . Most of the designs also come on regular t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts, so you can choose a style that works with the climate where you are located. Because of the variety in style and design, this is a great firefighter gift.

Fun Games Firefighters Love

Firefighter Cornhole Game

Games are something that everyone can enjoy, whether it be yard games, card games, board games or video games. Many games come in versions that are customized toward a certain personality or theme. For example, a deck of cards can come in many different varieties that can include things like flowers, dogs, food, etc. You could always try to purchase a deck of cards that are printed in a firefighter theme. Another game that comes in a customizable firefighter theme is cornhole, the popular bean bag toss yard game. One specific set has axes with flames behind it and an area which you can add your own text. Either of these options is a great firefighter gift because you can choose a game that the recipient already enjoys and customize it to fit their love of firefighting.

DIY Firefighter Gifts

Firefighter Stickers

Firefighter gifts that are handmade by someone shows how much thought was put into the gift. There are many different ways to make firefighter gifts for someone. The firefighting theme is popular and craft items to use in a DIY gift can easily be found. You could try printing out graphics, 3D firefighter stickers, using stencils that can be found online or in a craft store, or simply customizing an existing product. One idea is to inscribe the name of the recipient, their rank, or the fire department they work for on a poster, shirt, or even something like a bumper sticker. Look to your talents to find a gift you can make. For instance, if you’re good at drawing or painting, make them a piece of artwork. DIY gifts are also great for young children who want to help make a gift for dad.


Firefighter gifts don’t have to be difficult to find. The ones listed above are just a few ideas to get you started, and there are numerous more that can be found by searching local stores and online. Many different products come customized toward firefighters and their passion for helping others in a crisis. Giving any one of these gifts is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, their family, and others, as most personalized pieces show the thought the giver put into picking it out. Customized pieces are also enjoyable to give, as you get to help design the piece and choose the individual elements that go into it. Hopefully, this article helps you to choose the ideal firefighter gift for the firefighter in your life.

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