Pandora-Gilboa Rockets School Photo Mat Designs

Listed below is the organization(s) from Pandora, OH that is currently conducting their fundraiser.  Please support this group by sharing this information with Family and Friends.  All support is appreciated!   Fundraiser currently in progress Pandora-Gilboa High School Senior Class Please contact the Pandora-Gilboa High School for more Information Many unforgettable moments are captured by the click of a camera.   These very attractive “Pandora-Gilboa Rockets” school photo mats are perfect to display your photos for any school achievement, special event or extra-curricular activity.  Currently, we offer two specialty designs for the Pandora-Gilboa Local schools.   One specialty design shows … Read More

Create a Christmas Wall Decorative Ledge Display

The Wonderful Celebration of Christmas! With the Christmas season fast approaching, it brings much joy and happiness to many families in decorating their home for the Holidays! This simple and eloquent Christmas craft idea could be a family project while listening to your favorite Christmas music and sipping on eggnog. The Christmas Ledge display will accent any wall while sharing the spirit of Christmas among family and friends. Be sure to use your imagination when adding decorations to the ledge. This project will work with any sign and a variety of ledge sizes. Just make sure that the ledge is … Read More

How To: Create a Spiderman Superhero Cork Board

Superheroes have been very popular. This Spiderman Superhero cork board would be a great addition to any boys or girls room. This craft project will help keep your child organized and ready for any upcoming events. We offer a variety of superhero tin signs such as Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Batman, Wolverine and more. It’s a great opportunity to share some quality time while working together with your child on this cork board craft project. Materials Needed 1. 18″W x 24″L Poster Board 2. 1 – 4 pack of 12” x 12” Cork Tiles 3. Glue gun and … Read More

How To: Create a Tin Sign Picture Frame With Hooks

You will love doing this craft idea. The Tin Sign Picture Frame with hooks will brighten up any room and it is very functional. With the hook attachments, this craft project is great to hang selective cups, keys, pot holders, towels or even hats. We offer a great variety of 16′ W x 12.5” L tin signs for this project. I truly enjoyed putting this craft idea together as I know you will too! Have Fun and Be Creative! Materials Needed 1. Purchase 1 – 14 x 18 picture frame 2. Cut a 12” x 20” piece of chicken wire … Read More

How To: Create a Wooden Outdoor Tin Sign Decorative Fence

This craft idea is very attractive in any yard. The personalized sign will welcome all family and friends to your home. This decorative wooden fence, including the tin sign, is very durable in all weather conditions. The lights can be optional but they do provide guidance along your sidewalk at night. Our 12 ½ inch by 16 inch sign will work the best for this project. Materials Needed 1. Cut 4 boards at 1 ½ inches by 24 inches at approximately ¾ of an inch thickness* 2. Cut 1 board at 1 ½ inches by 36 inches at approximately ¾ of … Read More