“Legends from the Past” Fine Art Wall Decor

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and noticed that they have the exact same superstore bought picture as you hanging on their wall?  While there are many nice items in those superstores, they are far from personalized.  If you are like me, it really makes my day when someone comes to my house and notices something unique that I have and comments on how “neat” it is.  This “wow” factor is the exact response that you are looking for when you decorate your home.  It is for this exact response that we are introducing our newest product, textured finished … Read More

Loveland Tigers Photo Mat Designs

Listed below is the organization(s) from Loveland, OH that is currently conducting their fundraiser.  Please support this group by sharing this information with Family and Friends.  All support is appreciated! Are you searching for something unique and totally different to display your child’s achievements be it in sports, band or any extra-curricular activities?  These “Loveland Tigers“ specialty school mats are very attractive and my spark your interest. We currently offer four different specialty designs for Loveland Local Schools with a choice of either the school’s distinctive L-Paw or Tiger logo.  Below is a more detail review of each design layout. … Read More

10 Popular & Unique Decorative Wall Signs

Need a Decorative Idea? Let it be for the garage, recreation room, office, basement, den, a child’s bedroom,or the bar room, these creative wall signs will stand out and bring an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment with friends and family. Signs can express one’s cherished past or memories of the years gone by. Try one of the popular and unique wall signs mentioned below. What Happens in the Garage – Have you ever wondered why changing brake pads, or a simple oil change might take so long? Well, this sign will provide the explanation of why it takes so long … Read More