2017 NFL Draft – The History, Fascinating Facts & the Draft Order

2017 NFL Draft – The History, Fascinating Facts & the Draft Order

All NFL fans are ready to settle down in front of the television at home or in a sports bar to view the 2017 NFL Draft at 8:00p EDT starting on Thursday, April 27th. The Draft has become so abundantly popular that it garners prime time television coverage. But before it become a prime time event, it started with humble roots. The First National Football League Draft In December of 1934, Bert Bell, co-owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, felt that his team’s lack of competitiveness in the league made it difficult for the Eagles to sell tickets and be profitable. Many … Read More

The Railroads of Loveland, Ohio

In the early days of the railroad service, years before the Transcontinental Railroad would be established, there were many smaller railroads that covered various parts of the United States. Two of these railroads, Hillsboro and Cincinnati, were railroads that ran through the city of Loveland, Ohio at that time. These railroads were first chartered way back in 1846. The idea was to run a railroad line that stretched from Hillsboro and O’Bannon Creek, which took up part of Loveland, and run along the Little Miami route. Four years later, Hillsboro and Cincinnati finished construction of the 37 mile railroad. The … Read More

Veterans Day, November 11, 2013: Stand, Salute & Honor All Vets!

Across our great country, many communities will be celebrating the national observance of Veterans Day.   On November 11th in 1947, Raymond Weeks, of Birmingham, Alabama, organized the first “Veterans Day” parade to honor all American veterans for their service of dedication and loyalty.  Seven years later, President Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veterans Day. Veterans Day is the opportunity to express our deep appreciation to all our veterans for their sacrifices they have made in their own lives to protect and keep our country free.  Show your Gratitude on Veterans Day, Say “Thanks” to a Veteran! … Read More