Create a Christmas Wall Decorative Ledge Display

The Wonderful Celebration of Christmas! With the Christmas season fast approaching, it brings much joy and happiness to many families in decorating their home for the Holidays! This simple and eloquent Christmas craft idea could be a family project while listening to your favorite Christmas music and sipping on eggnog.


The Christmas Ledge display will accent any wall while sharing the spirit of Christmas among family and friends. Be sure to use your imagination when adding decorations to the ledge. This project will work with any sign and a variety of ledge sizes. Just make sure that the ledge is wide enough for the tin sign to hang either vertically or horizontally. We offer a variety of signs that will work with this craft project. You don’t have be very creative to do this very simple craft. Enjoy!

Materials Needed
1. 16” X 10 1/2” tin sign or any size sign will work
2. 2- Small cup hooks
3. 1 – 24” Decorative Ledge
4. 1 – Garland or a Bunch of Ivy
5. Christmas or Holiday decorations
6. Drill Bit to match the threads on the cup hooks
7. Power Drill
8. Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Detailed Instructions

measureStep 1 – Measure and Center the tin sign on the bottom of the ledge.
drillholesStep 2 – Mark and drill the holes for the cup hooks.
hooksStep 3 – Screw the cup hooks in the holes.
garlinStep 4 – Cut the ivy garland to match the length of the tin sign. If your ivy garland isn’t long enough, you can attach two separate pieces together at the ends to create a longer garland.
decorateStep 5 – Hot glue the garland to the sign. As an option, I attached the ivy using the holes in the corners of the metal sign. If you want to change the sign, I could use the same ivy every time you want to have a different theme.
hangStep 6 – Attach the tin sign to the ledge.
hanganddecorateStep 7 – Finally, Hang on the Wall and add decorations to the top ledge. Use your imagination.

What’s nice about this project is that any size tin sign will work. It  can be interchangeable as the season and special occasions change from month to month. I was really impressed on how this Chistmas ledge display looked on my wall. It will stay on my wall even after the Holidays. Have a Joyous and Wonderful Holiday Season!

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