Creating Your Name with Letter Photography

Letter Photography

Letter photography is the art of photographing letters out of objects. If we all were to pay more attention to our surroundings, we would find that letters are everywhere. Some of the most common types of objects that are photographed are architecture, industrial and nature. These could include trees, flowers, waterfalls, benches, windows, and much more.

The most familiar words that people choose when designing letter photography is their first or last name. Some letter art ideas could be someone’s first name to hang in a bedroom or a last name to decorate above the mantel in a family’s living room. Letter art is something that can be tailored to correspond with any event or occasion. When originality is a key component, anyone can add their own personal style, personality and vision to a design that’s as unique as them.

Matching Letter Photography to the Room Decor

Alphabet Photography

Two very popular (and very opposite) styles of interior design are rustic and contemporary. With all the distinctive styles of letters and frames, there are numerous ways to customize a piece of letter art to fit just about any room decor.

Rustic interior design often focuses on natural elements, such as weathered woods, distressed metals, and repurposed items. If you want to create a piece of letter art that matches with a rustic decor, try using letter photos that are nature-themed. For the frame, you could choose a wooden frame, that has minor wear. If you have the option of choosing mat colors, some colors that go with a rustic look include gray, white or beige.

Contemporary-modern designs tend to be simple and sleek with clean lines and a lot of glass and large windows. Designing something that goes with a contemporary room decor can be a little easier than designing letter photography for other room decors because there are many styles and possibilities that will look good in a contemporary-modern home. One letter art idea for modern styles is to use architectural-themed letter photos with a simple smooth black frame or even a clip frame.

There is also some sports related letter photography. If you are designing something for a young kids room, you may be able to use his favorite sports objects in a design. Or if you are creating a sign for a country style kitchen, you could add tracker tires, barn doors or grain silos to the photos you select.

Color or Black and White Photos

Letter Photography

Depending on where you design your piece of letter photography, you may have the option of choosing photos that are in either color or black and white. Choosing which tone to have your photos will depend on the wall color of the room, along with the furniture and wall decor items that brings the room together.

Determining which type of photography to choose, will mainly be determined by the wall color already present. If you have neutral white walls, then any photograph tones from black and white to color would work. If you are an individual who likes a splash of color, then keep this in mind. When color photographs, are matched with an already vibrant wall color, each color helps and brings out the other colors that are present. If your choice is to use black and white photographs, then your vibrant wall color will help and bring out the details presented in the black and white photographs.

Modern interior designs can include different colored photos as it is more open to interpretation than other interior design styles. Black and white photos could also be an option, because they are sleek and simple, much like other elements of modern design. They also are less likely to disrupt other color schemes throughout the room. Black and white letter photography is easy to incorporate when the room has accent colors such as red, yellow, or green. If you are looking to bring in a sense of nostalgia, black and white photos give the sense of a time that cannot be brought back.

Another option that some companies may offer are sepia tones, which are photos that are printed in brown tones rather than a grayscale like black and white photos. However, sepia tones are less popular than colored or black and white photos.

Choosing Your Letter Themes

Letter Photography

When a person initially starts sorting through all of the different alphabet photos, it’s common to be overwhelmed by the different themes, styles and letter variety. But once an individual picks the starting letter of the word or phrase that they are wanting to spell. It gives them a direction and the process seems easier.

It’s widely common to select the same theme of alphabet photography. By doing this, you create a similar element and pattern. This is commonly based on the decor and the area in which the individual wants it to be displayed. Designing something for a living room, bedroom or kitchen can vary promotionally to the different furniture, wall color, carpet and other elements. So, by selecting the same theme of photos, you don’t change the feel of the room.

Many of the most popular themes of letter photography have photos that can be matched with photographs from other categories. It’s common to mix different architectural, nature and industrial elements, to create your own personalized name or phase. Mixing categories can be done, if the right photos are chosen. For example, if you want to combine nature-themed and architecture-themed photos, you many choose photographs that are more rustic or country in nature. If you want something more modern in design, you would select photography from the architecture-themed and industrial-themed categories.

Many times, when photo themes are combined, it is largely based off things that the person enjoys. If you are designing letter photography for someone who enjoys going on hikes and collects antiques. You could combine nature-themed along with more vintage-themed architecture. This ensures that you incorporated the persons taste and hobbies into a design that they will certainly love.


Creating letters out of objects is becoming an increasingly popular type of photography and room decor. Many people purchase letter art for themselves or for gifts, as it can be customized and is extremely diverse. Creating names out of letter photography is also enjoyable. When choosing all the various aspects of your piece of letter art, make sure to choose something to base it on, such as interior design or the personality of a person. When your design is complete, it is very satisfying to see the finished product displayed in someone’s home.

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