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Alphabet Photography Frames

When designing alphabet photography, there are often many different options for ways to customize your piece of art. There are many options to choose the individual photos for the word you choose to spell out; the tone of the photos (color, black and white, or sepia); mat colors; and frames. We wrote a great article, on what is letter art, if your not sure what this product is all about.

There are often many options when it comes to choosing the right alphabet frames. You may be able to choose between natural woods, colored frames or clip frames with options to add individual photos to single or double mats with your frame style.  So many options can help to customize the piece for many different room decors and photo themes.

Rustic Frames vs. Colored Frames

Rustic Frames vs. Colored Frames Letter Art Photography

Both rustic frames and colored frames can be integrated into various styles of room decor. They can also be matched to work harmoniously with the letter photos that you choose. For example, if you choose photos that belong to the nature category, you may want to choose a rustic frame to keep the natural look throughout the whole piece of alphabet photography.

Depending on the individual pieces of decor in the room in which you plan to place your piece of alphabet photography, you can usually customize your framed alphabet piece to match your interior design. This will also depend on your personal style (or the style of the person for which you are designing the piece). Rustic frames may suit the style of a vintage or weathered decor. Vintage home designs often focus on natural materials, weathered woods being one of the most popular materials used. Choosing a frame that is made of a rustic wood will flawlessly fit in with this common theme. In my experience, using a black rustic frame would be the best option. It’s more neutral and blends in nicely with the earth tones that are incorporated vintage or weathered home designs.

Colored alphabet frames can be used for several distinctive styles, personalities, and themes of alphabet photography. Interior designs such as modern or contemporary works best with simple, colors such as white, gray, navy, light blue or orange. When your interior design uses a more neutral palate, such as white or beige, adding any complimentary color would bring richness to your décor. If you are like a lot of homeowners and are nervous when playing with color. You could always review the color wheel for the basic techniques for combining colors. There are distinct color harmonies such as “Analogues” which combines palates that are similar and more pleasing to your eye. Deciding to use a colored frame, is typically more difficult than using a more neutral option. But it also has its advantages.

Individual Alphabet Photography Photos

Individual Alphabet Photography Photos

When you are considering your options for designing your piece of alphabet photography, you may have the option of getting individual 4×6 photos in their own frames. With these individual photos, you have the ability to get more creative with your designs. For example, instead of a straight horizontal line, you may choose to do a vertical position, zigzag lines, or a diagonal design. Some people even choose to purchase individual alphabet photos without frames. The most popular designs for this option is to hang the photos from a clothesline, behind a rustic barn window, or using them in a personal scrapbook. With individual alphabet photos, you can let your creativity run wild while creating something uniquely yours.

Clip Frames

Clip Frames for Alphabet Photos

Clip frames are the perfect option for when you want to protect and display your alphabet photography like you would with a traditional frame, but without the bulkiness of the actual frame. Most clip frames are made out of wood and glass. The photo is situated between the wood and glass and there are clips that hold the pieces together. They are usually offered in a variety of sizes, just like any other frame, and come with multiple clip frames connected so that you are able to arrange your alphabet photography as you would with any other letter art frame.

These clip frames are a more innovative design that may work best with a modern room decor. They offer clean, sleek lines, which are common attributes of a contemporary interior design. They also take the hassle of matching colors and other customizable options out of the designing process.

Single or Double Mat Frames

Single or Double Mat Frames for Alphabet Art

Your options for choosing a single or double mat frame will depend on which company you decide to design your piece of alphabet photography through. Some companies will only offer single mats, although many will offer both single and double options.

Both options provide three important aspects to your framed alphabet. First and foremost, a mat will keep the photo(s) from being up against the glass of the frame. Secondly, it will add visual depth to the design. Finally, you can customize the color to add some extra flair to your work of art. All three of these things can be achieved through using a single mat.

Double mats are used to achieve greater depth to your piece of photography. You can choose between two different color combinations, which can bring more contrast to the final product. It also allows for a more customized presentation. This is accomplished by allowing each mat complement each other. Either through the position of the 4×6 opening, the reveal of the top mat or the shape of the photo opening.

In Closing

Alphabet photography can be customized in multiple ways, but one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is your choice of frame. Ultimately, the frame you choose can make or break your design and how it fits into the decor of the of your whole room. However, don’t feel that a harmony can’t easily be achieved. With a little research and basic design knowledge, you can easily choose a frame that will complement the rest of the interior design. Some companies will even assist you with suggestions. Overall, with all the options that alphabet photography offers, it is simple to achieve the design you are looking for.

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