How To: Create a Spiderman Superhero Cork Board

spiderman cork boardSuperheroes have been very popular. This Spiderman Superhero cork board would be a great addition to any boys or girls room. This craft project will help keep your child organized and ready for any upcoming events. We offer a variety of superhero tin signs such as Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Batman, Wolverine and more. It’s a great opportunity to share some quality time while working together with your child on this cork board craft project.

Materials Needed
1. 18″W x 24″L Poster Board
2. 1 – 4 pack of 12” x 12” Cork Tiles
3. Glue gun and glue sticks
4. Decorative Ribbon
5. Tin Sign – 16”W x 12.5”L
6. Utility Knife
7. 2 small thumbtacks

Detailed Instructions

image1Step 1 – Purchase a 18”W x 24” L Poster Board Frame and take off the backing. Also remove the outer plastic protective sheet. This may be slightly attached to the poster frame. Set aside the frame and begin to attach the cork to the backing board.
image2Step 2 – Turn the back of the backing board down so you will be working with the inside of the board. Place two cork tiles together across the backing board. It should fit perfectly across the entire board. Remove one tile and apply gun with the glue gun. Then put back on the board. Do the same with the other cork tile.
image3Step 3 – Below those attached cork tiles, where the seam is located, you will need to cut a cork tile the size of 12”W x 6”L with a straight edge and utility knife. Be sure to center the 12”W x 6”L piece of cork below the seam. This will provide a 4” space on both sides of the new cork piece. When centered correctly, glue to the backboard.
image4Step 4 – With the remaining 12” W x 6”L, cut in half making 2 – 6”L x 6”W pieces of cork tile. Place one piece on each side of the previously attached cork tile. Glue with glue gun when properly aligned. This will complete the cork tile attachments.
image5Step 5 – Attach the tin sign beginning at the top and evenly center the sign over the cork tiles. This will allow 4 inches from each side of the tin to the side edge of the cork tiles. Put the tin in place by using 2 thumbtacks at the bottom of the tin sign.
image6Step 6 – To cover the cork seams and add a decorative touch, I added 5/8”W spider web ribbon to the cork board. I found the ribbon at a local Hobby Lobby store, Cut 2- 6” pieces of ribbon. This will cover the two cork seams below the tin sign. Cut 2- 13” pieces of ribbon. This will cover the side of the sign beginning at the top and ending at the bottom. Finally, cut 1- 24.5” ribbon to cover the side cork seams and the entire bottom of the tin.
image7Step 7 – When applying the ribbon to the cork board and tin, you only need a small amount of glue. Always center the ribbon over the cork seams. Each 6 “ ribbon will cover the cork seams below the tin. Take the ribbon and slide one end of it under the tin then apply a small amount of glue behind the ribbon and attach just below the tin. Add a small amount of glue further down the back of the ribbon and at the very end of the ribbon and attach to the cork. I wrapped the ribbon around the end of the cork. Repeat the same procedures for the other side. Each 13” ribbon will cover the side of the tin sign. For each ribbon, glue the top around the edge and add a few additional glue to the tin along the side. I wanted to make sure the ribbon is over enough to cover the holes in the tin. You can cut the excess ribbon at the bottom if necessary and glue to the tin. Repeat on the other side. I try to keep the thumbtacks in when working on the ribbon. Finally, the 24.5” ribbon will cover the side cork seams and the entire bottom of the tin. Wrap the ribbon over the beginning side edge of the cork seam and glue. Then continue until the ribbon reaches the other side of the cork. Add small amount of glue along the way. When completed, find the holes in the tin and place the thumbtacks in to secure the tin to the cork.
image8Step 8 – Attach the frame and secure the back board to the frame. This craft project is complete. On the computer, you can print off the name of the child who will be receiving this cork board. I found some spiderman stickers and used them to attach the name tag.

This personalized cork board would also be a great gift idea for any superhero fan. Remember any tin sign could become your theme for the next cork board craft project.

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