How To: Create a Tin Sign Picture Frame With Hooks

HangingPicLogoYou will love doing this craft idea. The Tin Sign Picture Frame with hooks will brighten up any room and it is very functional. With the hook attachments, this craft project is great to hang selective cups, keys, pot holders, towels or even hats. We offer a great variety of 16′ W x 12.5” L tin signs for this project. I truly enjoyed putting this craft idea together as I know you will too! Have Fun and Be Creative!

Materials Needed
1. Purchase 1 – 14 x 18 picture frame
2. Cut a 12” x 20” piece of chicken wire
3. Staple gun with staples
4. 16”W x 12.5”L Tin Sign
5. Packaging tape to secure mat to tin sign ( any good tape will work)
6. Side Cutter or Snips (to cut the chicken wire)
7. 1 small bundle of artificial sunflowers with atleast 6 sunflowers
8. 2 Bundles of artificial Green ivy with a plastic core or gathering point
9. 1 Mat board in any color with the inside dimensions cut to 15” W x 10.5” L
10. Hot glue gun with glue sticks
11. 4 basic or decorative hooks (optional)
12. A drill with a 3/16 drill bit

Detailed Instructions

tin sign to matStep 1 – Carefully align and tape the tin sign behind the mat board. The mat board should cover the holes in the corners of the tin sign.
placing sign in frameStep 2 – Clean the picture frame glass and place the taped mat and tin sign over the picture frames glass.
secure backer boardStep 3 – Place the backing board of the mat and tin sign. We had to insert fasteners with a hammer to secure the backing board. Some frames will have fasteners available.
staple chicken wireStep 4 – Take the 20” W x 12” L chicken wire and place evenly on the top half of the picture frame. Secure with 2 staples on each top corners, also staple on the bottom of the chicken wire on each side of the picture frame.
cut the chicken wireStep 5 – Trim the chicken wire with side cutters (snips) to reveal the tin sign. Trim to your liking.
decorateStep 6 – On the left side of the frame, place and arrange a bundle of green ivy, over the chicken wire, so it covers the side as well as the top . Then place and arrange another bundle of green ivy on the right side of the frame so it covers only the side.
hotglueStep 7 – Using the hot glue gun, glue the green ivy stems to the frame until secure. Cut sunflowers from bundle and glue them to the frame, within the green ivy that is on both sides. To secure the chicken wire on the top between the green ivy bundles, glue one sunflower.
Drill HolesStep 8 – Mark 4 holds spaced and centered 5 inches apart on the bottom of the picture frame. Drill a hole with a 3/16 drill bit, or according to the size of the hooks.
connecting the hooksStep 9 – Place the screw in the back of the frame and attach the hook. Tighten the screw to secure the hook. Repeat until all hooks are on the frame.

What a beautiful and decorative tin sign picture frame! Be sure to share this with friends or give as a gift! Personally, I kept this craft project for myself. It looks great in our kitchen! Be sure to send pictures of your completed Tin Sign Picture Frame to for our May Contest!

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