“Legends from the Past” Fine Art Wall Decor

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and noticed that they have the exact same superstore bought picture as you hanging on their wall?  While there are many nice items in those superstores, they are far from personalized.  If you are like me, it really makes my day when someone comes to my house and notices something unique that I have and comments on how “neat” it is.  This “wow” factor is the exact response that you are looking for when you decorate your home.  It is for this exact response that we are introducing our newest product, textured finished fine art. The textured finish allows the piece to really standout while hanging on your wall. The fine art designs include some famous celebrity legends from Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, The Rat Pack, Bob Marley, and Betty Paige. There is even a Star Trek design that highlights pictures from the entire cast of the show in an eye catching way. This is the type of gift that any science fiction fan would appreciate, especially my twin brother.

The designs range from simple pictures of famous celebrities to collages that feature Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart just to name a few. These pictures resemble fine art paintings, in the detail that they exude. There are distinct and different designs, which feature the personalities relaxing at the bar, playing a game of pool together, playing a competitive game of poker, and getting ready to drive a race car. These would make the perfect gift for any fan of these timeless celebrities.
Every one of the fine art pictures are encased in a thick black frame that is easy to hang by the two hanging hooks attached to each side of the frame. Each of them are 12×36 in dimension, and will certainly draw the attention of your next house guest. These products are coming soon to our website, and are currently in-stock in our local store. We’ve had many customers already comment on them, especially the ones with Marilyn Monroe showing off her bright pink dress. Check them out, and you will agree, that they are simply different and unique.

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