Loveland Tigers Photo Mat Designs

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Are you searching for something unique and totally different to display your child’s achievements be it in sports, band or any extra-curricular activities?  These “Loveland Tigers“ specialty school mats are very attractive and my spark your interest. We currently offer four different specialty designs for Loveland Local Schools with a choice of either the school’s distinctive L-Paw or Tiger logo.  Below is a more detail review of each design layout.

The images above show our “Loveland Tigers” school-logo mat designs.  These mat designs create a personal as well as an exclusive style in displaying the accomplishments and memories of any child participating for the “Loveland Tigers”. There are five photo spaces on each mat. Each space takes a regular 4 x 6 photo that you can order from any local 1-hour photo store.   The five photo spaces surround the distinctive L-paw or Tiger logo which is currently used by Loveland Local Schools.  Centered below the school logo is a Tiger text graphic which nicely compliments the overall design. The size of these logo options are 16 x 20 double-matted designs that come already framed in an attractive, black wooden frame.  Photos can be easily applied behind the five available spaces and change as often as you want.

The above images show our two additional specialty “Loveland Tigers” school mat designs. These mats were created so you can display your 4×6 photos under the cutout word “TIGERS” which is shown distinctively within the design itself.  Both created designs show the “Loveland” wording above the “TIGERS” photo cutouts.   In the 3-line design, “Loveland Tigers Football”, has a personalized element.  On the third line, “Football”, which is shown in the above image, can be changed to display your child’s first or last name, a different sport, special activity or any other wording you would prefer.  We do ask that you stay within 12 characters in length.  Both of these designs also come double-matted and in a beautiful, wide black frame. Dimensions for the 2-line mat design is 10×28 while the 3-line mat design is 12×30.

Our four “Loveland Tigers” school mat designs are a marvelous way to exhibit community Spirit and Pride for Loveland Tigers.  They look fantastic when displayed in a child’s room, game room or any room in your home.  Being customized allows for additional mat design variations.  All you have to do is add your personal touch through the photos. Overall, this a great way to capture and maintain those unforgettable moments!

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