5 Man Cave Decor Elements You Need For Every Man Cave

Personal space is mandatory no matter how old you are. Every guy dreams of having his relaxation area where he can celebrate his freedom and express his true self. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making and decorating your very own man cave. They can be of any shape and size and can be built either inside or outside the house. You have complete control of the design and ambiance of one single room in particular – after all it’s your space, you can do whatever you like! These five-essential man cave decor ideas that can take your personal place to a next level.

Picking your Man Cave Decor Theme

Picking your Man Cave Decor Theme

Man caves always reflect the individuality of the man that owns them. Over the years, there have been loads of man cave ideas coming up to give your space the ultimate look! Below are popular man cave decor themes that are widely preferred.

Sports Theme

Got affinity for sports? Why not deck your cave with different team sports logos, sports team banners, jerseys and photographs? Do your floor with enthusiastic sports markings. It’s going to make you feel like you are there all the time.

Automotive Theme

Now this can be separated into numerous categories – cars, motorbikes, engines, wheels, license plates and much more. These collections never fail to give your man cave decor a slick and masculine look.

Workshop Theme

What could be better than having the opportunity to showcase your tools as decorations in your very own man cave? If you love carpentry, it’s totally in your hands then – you can do wonders to your space.

Movie Theater Theme

If you are a movie lover and totally lose yourself in a different world for an endless time period, then a theater inspired theme should be right up your alley. Some of these iconic old movie posters, old movie reel or popcorn machine would bring together the theme.

Hunting Theme

To some of us, a stuffed dead fish only brings in gags, while for others, it’s an ultimate heartwarming sight. Other complementary items for a hunter’s theme can include vintage arrows, fishing rods, guns, barrels, tins and of course hunting posters.

Design Tip: It’s also common, if you have a large enough space, to divide your man cave it into different sections. For example, lets say you were in the United State Marines, and have some special marine rank badges, hats, us marine banner or anything related. It’s a great idea to add a little nook, to display your accomplishments that might not be related to your original theme.

Choosing the perfect Wall Decor

Choosing the perfect Wall Decor

One important way of giving character to your man cave decor is through you’re walls. Painting it in a bold or fun color, designing the walls with decorative real or faux stones and wood along with giving the finishing touch with artwork like posters and banners always does the trick. Theme related artwork always gives a complete feel to the room.

If you have a barn, that’s the best thing to turn into a man cave. You won’t have to do much to the walls. The wooden walls, flooring and ceiling already gives it a cozy and homely touch. A few minor touch ups and they stand out like anything.

Wall paper can save the day. You feel like adding more character to your man cave decor or perhaps feel like giving it a sophisticated vibe? You can always rely on wall paper. They come in vast variety and are easily available. For a more elegant look, try using faux distressed wood panel, and add accent colors that match your man cave theme.

Another way of filling your empty and blank walls is through ‘shelves’. They give you lots of room to showcase your collections, achievements and souvenirs. This is one great way of personalizing your man cave with the stuff that cheers you up. But of course, we are talking aesthetics here. Books, small objects trophies and figurines fit better on any kind of shelf. Don’t forget to use some accent lighting for a more dramatic and appealing look.

Maps are always a beautiful addition to your man cave wall decor. If you are a travel junkie or simply love displaying unique items, then there is no better way of decorating your wall – simply display it and mark it with the places you have visited. Make it look like a decoration and so will it be.

Individually framed memorabilia, achievements, or personally signed sports pieces, is something worth displaying. Having individual pieces personally framed, will give you the option of matching the frame and mat color to your man cave decor. There’s also a huge market for high quality sports banners, player signed posters, areal posters from different automotive events, and for the hunting enthusiast stunning nature related photography. The options are vast, and if your selective your man cave decor will be one of a kind.

There is no man cave without a ‘man cave bar’. Although it’s not completely necessary but it sure does add a feel of comfort and is absolutely one of the best features for your man cave decor. If your space is big, you can add a fridge, racks, bar stools and other stuff to complement the decor. You can also turn your terrace or patio into your man cave bar. The bar has to be there. It SHOULD be there.

Best Wall Color Combinations

Best Wall Color Combinations

Colors are a tricky part. There are lots of colors that are always perceived to give a feminine touch and then there are many others that are known to be masculine. There are no fixed rules here and the color options do seem to migrate from one particular category to the other. However, it’s always best to select wall colors that are ‘neutral’. Camel, Gray, White, Black and Brown. One solid color may not always give the result you desire. Gray usually gives a cold touch to the room so a better way out if to complement such colors with cheerful tones like yellow or red. You can also pair two masculine colors like gray and brown to give a more warm and inviting look to your man cave.

Furniture for you Man Cave

Furniture for you Man Cave

There are no questions about the right type of furniture that makes your man cave look elegant and at the same time is comfortable to use. The trick is to go for a simpler and robust furniture. Pretty and soft furniture typically doesn’t work. Your space should reflect masculinity. For instance, a big sturdy leather couch (obviously comfortable to sit on) combined with industrial elements and accessories like theme memorabilia, physical objects that represent your theme, examples are fishing poles, basketball, football or a die cast racing car. It’s always good to attain a balance between appearance and comfort.

You can also re-purpose recycled items and create great DIY project. Got an old non-usable truck tire back there? Convert it into a table and it will be the best thing to have in your man cave. Or you can make benches out of scraps of wood or old furniture.

It’s also important to have entertainment elements as part of furniture. A pool table, poker table or perhaps a dart board? These are highly recommended especially for parties and get togethers. After all its guy thing.
The most important thing here is to design your furniture in a way that allows you to organize and maintain your space without much of an effort or hard work. Cleanliness is goals.

Technology for your Man Cave

Technology for your Man Cave

Hi-tech gadgets can surely turn your man cave into man castle!

Kegerator Beer Dispenser

This can fit easily and nicely into your space. It’s not only perfect for hosting friends but also makes serving drinks SIMPLE!

Smart Home Elements

So, feeling all lazy and relaxed after a party? Your smart remote will help you control lights, thermostat and other connected electronic devices with just a few simple touches.

Comfortable headset

You don’t have to be a gamer for this. A good quality reality head set can transport you to anywhere you want. Perfect for relaxing!

A Home theater system

This makes your movie experience so powerful that you can recreate the theater atmosphere right in your cave. Positioning your stereo speakers and subwoofer in the correct configuration can make all the difference, so remember to your sound output.

A Smart LED TV

Not only does it work well with your home theater but it also has wi-fi options to let you have access to all the latest movies without any fuss. With the ever-changing digital landscape, having a smart TV will allow you to stream from different apps like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and any new ones yet to be released.

A Refrigerator

You do need to keep your drinks at a special temperature, don’t you? This will make your man cave experience more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if you’re into technology and want to spend extra on multi-door configuration, video on the door, speed chilling or even hot water through the door, it’s possible.

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