What is a She Shed or Woman Cave? Creating Your Very Own

She Shed

While men need a private place to relax, women also require an alternative place to shed their daily stress – in her very own She shed or Woman cave. As women report feeling exhausted, tired and worn out at home or at work, they are taking to new and creative ways to escape the routine grind. Whereas Man caves are usually made inside the house or as part of the house like in the basement or garage or may be on the terrace, She Sheds are mostly situated in the garden or backyard and look more like a cottage where women can take to reading, napping, knitting, gardening or doing their thing. It’s actually a tricked out garden shed with lots of style added.

If you have a neglected shed in your garden, you’re in luck! Here are some latest design ideas that you can use to turn your shabby shed into a wonderful hideaway.

Start with basics – Clean it

Cleaning your shed is the perfect motivation for turning it into your lady shed. Sort out your old tool kits and boxes. Get rid of what you don’t need and organize the rest for future use or storage.

If you don’t have an old shed in your back yard – no worries. There are easy-to-build kits available at local stores that you can buy to build the kind of She Shed you want; a girly thing or something whimsical – it’s your call!

Freshen it up with paint

You can give a complete new look to your She Shed with just a coat of paint. Light or pastel shades do the trick. They give it a calming look that itself is feminine and looks cute too. If you can’t decide on the color, go for white. It’s always a classic color choice and never lets you down. Complement it with a pale shade for windows and doors and you are done! For the interior, white wall, pale pastels colors and shabby chic decor make the best setting. Your She Shed will look more than welcoming.

Focus on your Shed’s purpose

What are you going to use it for? Your She Shed’s purpose is to give you a comfortable and quiet place where you can embrace your hobbies and relax.

If you can’t figure that out, we have got some stuff sorted out for you. There are lots of ideas as to what these She-sheds can be used for.

Office space: These make for great offices for women who like to work from home. Not only do they stay focused & creative but also brainstorm at best.

Art Studio: Perfect to bring out the inner artist! She Sheds perfectly function as an art studio.

Adult playhouse: Ideal for grown-ups who still like to play in order to relax.

Gardening Shed: She Sheds make for ideal shady seating areas. Keeps the gardening mamma on her toes.

Craftsman-Shed: For the DIY queen! What better place to play with your creativity in a quiet and comfortable room with all of your supplies? Label the shed with your initials may be? You are the queen of this place – your shed better reflect that!

Nap Corner: Equipped with a cozy couch, your Shed can become a perfect spot for last afternoon naps.

Girls time: A gorgeously decorated quaint She Shed is an ideal spot to hang out with your girlfriends.

Selecting the Appropriate Decor for your She Shed

Your She Shed should be all about creativity, up-cycling and eclectic vibes. The decor is the most important part. The best option is to visit a flea market, a vintage shop to get your hands on unique stuff. You need to create something that is relaxing and cozy. Don’t overdo it. While decorating, it’s always important to keep the purpose of your She Shed in mind. For instance, if you are a hobby crafter, you must have the workspace and storage shelves to keep it handy.

For the porch, keep things simple and avoid using too many artificial flowers and plants. Nothing compares to fresh blooms. You can replace your summer plants with succulents as they require less maintenance and usually survive all year round. If you are a gardener, replace your shrubs and flowers with vegetable and herb garden. Don’t limit yourself to just ‘classic’ or ‘funky’. A blend of crisp, modern and vintage looks just the best.

Now comes the inside – Pastel color walls complemented with fabrics featuring flowers, unique glassware, custom name art and chic decorations is more feminine and adds a touch of both glamour and class. Chandeliers, yes a must! Nothing adds a marvelous note to your little garden cottage than chandeliers. Do you have a new born or have cute loving grandkids photography that you want to display? You can easily show them off in this unique “LOVE” name picture frame, or a four 4×6 photo mat with frame, which helps to show their precious and innocent nature. If you are looking to make elements of your shed budget friendly, you can go for repurposed and upcycled baskets, barrels, ladders and bird cages to display your items instead of building or buying new shelves, cupboards.

Adding special touches to your interior can make it more comfortable and welcoming. For instance, unique shelving to display your decorations, tools, supplies etc., a working sink to help you around with gardening or painting, a heating unit so that you can use your place in winters too. Your She Shed interior should be more than just a getaway – after all it’s your dream for every day, all seasons and all year round!

The view

Many a times, decor comes secondary to the location of your She Shed. If your little hideaway is already situated in the woods, next to a pond or near the sea, you won’t have to do much with the interior. Just keep it simple and casual to focus more on the gorgeous scenery around it.

The idea of She Shed is making a huge difference for some women!

Many women report to feeling ‘happier’ inside their own cozy place where they can enjoy and have everything to themselves. Stay at home moms feel better when they have a thing to look forward to apart from the never ending routine house chores. She-sheds define who women really are deep down and provides a special space for them to discover their true self!

Photo Credit: Mariamichelle

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