Vintage Soda Shop Inside Station Bay – 3 Popular Sodas

Imagine a celebration with a bouquet of colorful and great tasting vintage sodas. We can supply your next tailgate party, backyard BBQ, office party or wedding rehearsal with a great selection of glass-bottled sodas. Our soda collection includes a wide variety of root beers (imagine a root beer float, Yumm), fruit flavors, colas, cream sodas, birch and ginger ales and several unique sodas. Below is a description and history of our three most popular vintage sodas. Enjoy the trip back in time and prepare to use vintage sodas at your next party.
Dang Butterscotch Root Beer
Open the bottle and discover a marvelous scent of root beer that is accented by a rich aroma of butterscotch.  The butterscotch adds to a sweeter root beer flavor.  These combination flavors are very satisfying throughout each enjoyable mouthful. As described in its name and on the label: Dang- That’s Good!  It’s a great choice! As one of our most popular sodas, Dang is bottled in Milwaukee by a family-owned bottling company. They have been in business for over 45 years!   It’s inspiring to see family run businesses still operating on Main Street USA.
Cheerwine is a vintage soda that was created in 1927. A general store owner, L.D. Peeler, from Salisbury, North Carolina, made the single soda drink with a hint of wild cherry and bubbly foam. It immediately became a success among the residents in the county. They would travel to his store to taste the unique flavor of Cheerwine. As it gained popularity by demand, the soda became known as the “Nectar of North Carolina.” People enjoyed the taste known for putting a smile on everyone’s lips and thus the “Legend” was established. L. D. Peeler’s great grandson, Cliff Ritchie, currently runs the family business. Cheerwine continues to win over loyal fans with every sip.
Avery’s Zombie Brain Juice
The Zombie Brain Juice is attractive to many in the younger generations. This reddish-orange soda is very attractive to any zombie. The flavors of strawberry and orange are combined to make a refreshing soda. This soda is a part of the Avery’s Totally Gross Soda collection. As stated on the bottle, It’s SODAs gusting but is still totally delicious. Zombie Brain Juice, plus any additional sodas from the Totally Gross Collection, will bring life to any Halloween party.
In 1904, Sherman F. Avery started making his soda in a red barn located on Corbin Avenue in New Britian, Connecticut. He used a horse-pulled wagon to deliver sodas to area homes and stores. Avery became known quickly for his wide variety of flavors such as Cream, Birch Beer, Root Beer and Ginger Ale. To this day, a 100 year tradition of old-fashioned customer service continues. Soda recipes from generations ago include real sugar cane, the finest quality ingredients and naturally pure well water.Avery’s continues to be a family run business and still make their sodas in the same red barn on Corbin Street.
Check back soon for more detail information on our next three sodas- Soda Boy Caramel, Simpson Springs White Birch and Bubble Up.

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