What is Letter Art?

What is letter art?

Letter art is known by many other names: alphabet photography, alphabet art, and more. This form of photography consists of images of everyday objects that appear as letters. These photographs are then arranged to spell first names, last name or other custom words.

When you choose letter art, there are many ways to customize it. You pick the word, individual alphabet art prints, frames, matting colors, and more, depending on the options available. Because of the fact that you can customize so many different aspects of the letter art, you can easily personalize it for the perfect gift. You can match it to the decor of a room, the personality of a person, or the occasion for which it is being bought.

What is Letter Photography?

Letter photography takes a creative individual to be able to view the world in a way that it isn’t intended to be viewed. Many of the objects that are photographed are shot from different perspectives in order to make it resemble the individual letter as clear as possible. When you are out and about, you may not even notice that you are surrounded by the alphabet. The photographers that take the photos used in letter art are more keen to detail and their surroundings.

The number of objects that are around us at all times leaves the possibilities infinite in regards to the themes that are available for those who are choosing letter art. The most common types of images include nature, architecture, industrial, and some will offer specialty categories, such as food, destinations, and options for kids.

Nature Photography Theme

Letter Art Nature Photography Theme

One of the most popular themes in letter art is objects of nature. These could be leaves, trees, flowers, clouds, waterfalls, the horizon, and much more. Many of these nature letters occur naturally but some photographers will manipulate rock formations, branches or flowers to create the letter they are looking for. This nature theme could be a perfect fit for a rustic, or country, style home (although a big factor into this is also the frame choice).

Rustic and country decor often use natural materials, so letter art that is made up of nature-themed letter photography would fit in with the other natural elements of a rustic interior. For an added touch, you could choose a frame that is a natural wood without shiny finishes.

Some destinations that are full of different nature-themed photography are national parks. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee is full of lush foliage, forest, insects, and flowers that are full of life. On the other spectrum, you have the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona. This is a more dry and desolate scenery but no less spectacular with its remarkable rock formations and different types of plants. These are two completely different environments which makes nature-themed photography so diverse. With its beauty comes peacefulness, warmth, and beautiful colors and textures that make it so popular.

Architecture Photography Theme

Letter Art Architecture Photography ThemeAnother common type of letter art is architectural letters. These photos can consist of lampposts, railing and bench designs, crosses on churches, windows, door knockers, and just about anything else that could be viewed as a letter. Architectural designs are more of a modern style that would work best with contemporary room and home decor. However, with so many different styles of architecture, architectural letters can fit in many different types of interior designs.

Different parts of the world offer various types of architecture, giving photographers the ability to create many different styles of letter art within the architecture category. For example, the east coast and west coast give very different pictures from one another. East coast architecture is mostly inspired by British and German styles, providing picturesque Victorian homes and buildings constructed of brick, stone, and wood. In contrast, the west coast is influenced by the Spanish. There are a lot of buildings made of stucco, and they often look more modern than the buildings of the east coast. Both of these architectural styles, along with many others, lend themselves to diverse styles of architecture-themed letter photography.

You could also utilize architecture-themed letter art as a gift for an architect or someone who simply appreciates the work and creativity that goes into different styles of architecture. Either way, the photos often display elegant objects that just about anyone can enjoy. For use in a contemporary-modern style home or interior design, you may want to choose a simple black (or other dark-colored) frame.

Specialty-Themed Letter Art

Letter Art The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower, Paris forming a letter A

Some specialize in letter art will have categories dedicated to specialty themes such as food, destinations (i.e., Paris, London, Vegas, etc.), for kids, and others. These themed alphabet art prints are excellent for very specific occasions and room decor. For example, if you wanted to spell your child’s name to use as a decoration in their room, you may want to use the “for kids” category (depending on your child’s age, of course). If you wanted to design a piece of art for your kitchen, you may want to use the “food” category. Or if you wanted to dedicate a piece of letter art to a vacation that you took, you may want to try to find letter photos that were shot in the locations that you visited.

There are also different matting options created for occasions such as birthdays or weddings. These also make great choices for any special occasion.  A popular layout for an anniversary gift is to add a personal 4×6 photo, along with the couples last name in alphabet letters. There are a few different designs that are offered, with some displaying the names of the couple, the date of their anniversary in letter (number) photos, or with a larger 8×10 personal photo.

In Conclusion

Letter photography is a very elegant and unique gift or piece of home decor. Whether you are looking to display your name or anniversary date, or want to create a sign for your business, there are letters that will suit your needs. It is easy to match letter photos, along with frames and diverse matting colors, to room decor or the personality of a person. The next time you are having a difficult time choosing a gift for someone, consider designing a piece of letter art.

Photo credits: kaboompics, flicker, unsplash

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